Successfully collaborating with start-ups allows large companies to rapidly access new business models, channels, and efficiencies as well as build effective routes to acquisition. We deliver high impact, strategic partnerships between corporates and startups for clients including BP, Fannie Mae, Unilever, ITV and Facebook.

These range from start-up partnerships and technology procurement through to joint ventures and early-stage investing.


Our Principles #

Deep Strategic Understanding

Our team work with you to deeply understand your strategic priorities and constraints, leveraging the best of your internal knowledge & network.

Unrivalled Deal Flow & Diligence


Our methodology combines accumulated insight and deal flow from the world’s leading entrepreneur network with public data sources and an advanced tracking tool to provide you with unrivalled deal flow and insight.

Tried-and-Tested Methodologies

Our tried-and-tested methodologies across start-ups partnerships, joint ventures and corporate venturing maximise your impact and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Practiced Entrepreneurial Support

Our team will support you through the process end-to-end, guiding your teams and embedding robust and repeatable capabilities.

“Founders Intelligence ran a thorough process that gave us clarity on what new value propositions to focus on and found us partners to drive tangible results, delivering a fantastic ROI”


Our Approach #


    Do we have the processes, methodologies and team in place to effectively work with start-ups?

    Understand your current capabilities and strategy to design and set-up the process to allow you to deliver.


    Do we understand the problem we are trying to solve or the opportunity areas we are looking to go after?

    Outline focus areas by interrogating your business opportunity and segmenting the areas of notable start-up activity around your strategic priorities.


    Are we working with the best start-up globally?

    Activate ‘The Intelligence’, our proprietary start-up database, to uncover, due diligence and recommend the best opportunities and start-ups globally.

  • 4. DEFINE & RUN

    Do we have a clear plan in place to validate the impact of this partnership or investment at scale for both parties?

    Further validate and scope opportunities through discussion with selected partners. Structure and execute on commercial KPIs and route to scale.


    Do we have the plan, resource and buy-in to realise full commercial impact of the partnership at scale?

    Analyse results, learnings and validate business model with real data. Create business plan and roadmap for further development.

We support clients on a long-term programme basis, or for individual project sprints.