Entrepreneurs are creating growth in every industry with new business models, innovative technology and disruptive go-to-market approaches.

We enable you to participate in this growth. We help you develop a rigorous and structured understanding of the bets that entrepreneurs, VCs and competitors are taking across their industries and adjacent ones. This allows you to take strategic decisions on where to participate and to identify the specific opportunities to create your growth.

Strategy has no value without execution. As our work is based on examples of real companies delivering in the market, it is practical and deliverable. We can be your partner right through to delivering your new growth propositions in market.

Our Principles #

Bottom Up Analysis

Our deep ecosystem connections and knowledge of both investors and highly-qualified early stage companies enable us to develop strong viewpoints on the most valuable growth opportunities and the future of your industry.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We have permission to view your business as a founder would – rethinking existing assumptions, looking past the constraints and spotting opportunities to recreate your propositions with technology at their core.

Commercial Rigour

We are expert at the rigorous commercial and operational analysis needed to build conviction on which opportunities to pursue and how.

Cross Industry Insight

We bring new perspectives, insights and lateral thinking that capitalises on our innovation, transformation and investment work across industries.

Delivery Focused

As entrepreneurs, we think of strategy as the guide to what needs to be built, not an end in itself. The delivery route is part of our mindset.

“Founders Intelligence helped us shape a clear and focused Group digital strategy. They are insightful, practical and continue to help us to apply the latest digital thinking to our business”


Our Approach #

  • 1. Diverge

    Do we have clear visibility on where and how new value is emerging? 

    Understand the full opportunity landscape and identify the key Entrepreneurial Growth areas for you.

  • 2. Converge

    Do we have deep conviction of our priorities and areas of opportunity?

    Rapid phase to evaluate, assess and prioritise your portfolio of opportunities.

  • 3. Plan

    Do we have full clarity on the execution plan and objectives?

    Create entrepreneurial pitches for the vision at scale for each prioritised proposition, alongside a clear business case and execution plan via Build, Invest and/or Partner.

  • 4. Execute

    Range of next steps to launch and scale portfolio in market:

    Move quickly to deliver the highest value ventures into market, through the optimal route, internal or external.

    Build the right innovation capabilities within your business to ensure systematic delivery methodology for new growth opportunities.

    Design and launch a delivery programme within the business to secure support and create a cadence of outcomes.

Our Approach