Re-imagine the vision and strategy to re-create Fannie Mae as a technology platform. Create the delivery capability enabling lenders, investors, servicers, consumers and other partners to benefit from an innovative, efficient and transparent market.



  • VISION: Develop a vision for CEO through detailed analysis of technology-first businesses in Financial Services and other industries
  • ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN: Create the structures needed to realise the vision, from internal tech development to external start-up venturing. Defined roles and operating model of the new team
  • VALIDATED THE STRATEGY: Developed detailed strategy to create a new technology platform for the industry, and helped launch pilots with seven start-ups in four months to validate elements of the strategy
Fannie Mae THe Exchange


  • The new team led projects optimising pricing data, leading to c. $90m additional revenue
  • Created a Public Data Exchange and Public Application Marketplace, enabling the business to act as a platform and leverage other players
  • A partnership with start-up Geophy created a new revenue stream through automated valuation for multi-family homes

This has far exceeded even my high expectations, it has been remarkably enlightening and inspirational

CEO – Fannie Mae