So what’s in store this month? Well, quite a lot actually. You’ll discover how tech innovation is transforming the UK’s Joint Forces and will explore the landscape-shifting power of community. And we’ve saved some very exciting news for last.

This Way Up:

Watch On-Demand: Fireside chat with General Sir Chris Deverell (Former Commander of UK’s Joint Forces Command)

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If you missed it at the time, don’t worry, you can still catch Rob’s conversation with General Sir Chris Deverell on-demand. It’s a fascinating conversation, with in-depth insights into the Armed Forces’ ability to keep up with innovation in an age of digital warfare, with discussion around the changes initiated by Sir Chris himself.

We also talk about life in the army, and how that can inform your approach to entrepreneurialism, particularly if you’re looking to invest in tech start-ups. Wherever you are on your business journey, we’d urge you to give it a listen.

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Zooming In:

From produce driver to community-driven: how to tap into the power of community

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Online communities are everywhere. In fact, whether you are a brand, a creator, a service provider or a traditional software business, you’ve probably thought about how to build a community around your business already.

The world has shifted, and where businesses used to be product first, audience second, now it’s all about tapping into the community. Being customer-centric, finding out what people want.

In this blog, we explore exactly what this means, as well as how you can leverage partnerships to make community-driven businesses work.

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In The Know:

Founders Intelligence has been acquired by Accenture

You may have already seen the exciting news, but if you have not, I am delighted to share that we have been acquired by Accenture to massively accelerate our platform for Entrepreneurial Growth. 🚀

Over the last eight years, we’ve built a phenomenal company doing the most interesting, strategic projects for senior leaders at prominent corporations around the globe. And to deliver it, we’ve created a team of highly entrepreneurial consultants with an extraordinary culture.

We’ll be supercharging our opportunities and resources to have a transformational impact for global clients and teammates – and we’re excited to move deeper into offering some of the execution and delivery services our clients have been asking for.

So what’s next?

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