Build a digital-first venture that leverages existing assets and expertise and aligns with corporate strategy. The starting point was recent technological developments and R&D in one of their hardware businesses.


  • Learn & ideate: Developed several mini business cases in different areas based on existing assets, customer interviews and expertise of the founding team. Evaluated initial ideas and narrowed down to two viable concepts
  • Proof of concept: Validated initial concepts based on customer interviews, interviews with innovators in respective industries, competitive analysis and business modelling. Built relationships with future customers and potential partners
  • Secure funding: Developed a detailed investor pitch deck and prepared founding team to pitch before the corporate board to secure funding for the next phase


The founding team of the new venture secured funding from the corporate board to launch the MVP and initiate commercial trials. Major grocery retailers in several EU markets signed on to participate in initial pilots. The client was also able to extract learnings and play commercial opportunities back to their core businesses.