The Challenge

Grupo Boticario wanted to understand what innovative direct to consumer (D2C) business models they can launch to diversify revenue growth, with a goal of digital representing >50% of total revenues in five years

Our Solution

  • Deconstruct D2C: Investigate the underlying trends behind digitally native brand (DNVB) and D2C model emergence. Highlight key shifts in cosmetics and CPG consumer behaviours, fundamental business metrics, channel strategies, and core digital capabilities needed to get new ventures to scale.
  • Opportunity landscape: Analyse global venture funding activity and highlight clusters of relevant business models that could unlock project goals. Investigate global benchmarks, cost/benefit analysis, right to play. Key themes included global cosmetics DNVB’s, beauty venture builders, influencer platforms, community management tools.
  • Partner exploration: Connect with global D2C investors and founders within the Founders Forum network and identify potential synergies in growth plans. Qualify and recommend a shortlist of global D2C businesses alongside creating investment rationale behind potential joint ventures.

The Impact

  • Generated visibility and insight across ten innovative D2C business models that could achieve ambitious revenue objectives
  • Evaluated and presented investment rationale across a shortlist of six potential global tech partners who could co-deliver revenue goals
  • Led a deep due diligence process with one Brazil eCommerce leader exploring a potential venture investment and/or joint venture.

Founders Intelligence combined its global network with a creative team of entrepreneurs to help us interpret commercial signals and identify new business growth opportunities. Their approach to strategy is quite unique, I’ve never seen consultancy work like this before.

VP – Grupo Boticário