Inspiring a new culture of innovation in a company of >50,000 employees


  • Sourced, evaluated and introduced relevant start-ups to the client on a bi-monthly basis
  • Arranged founder presentations to sizeable in-person and virtual audiences across the company, in addition to targeted introductions to key stakeholders to initiate potential partnership conversations
  • Developed monthly Digital Briefings delivering insights and detailing key trends for major functional areas, broadcast to thousands across the business
  • Hosted regular ‘fireside chat’ panel discussions with leading tech entrepreneurs for in-person and virtual audiences across the company
  • Helped to create and support key elements of the innovation structure, including determining core activities and processes, evaluating performance and peer analysis
  • Initiated a network of >200 leading tech entrepreneurs and VCs to serve as ‘digital mentors’
  • Hosted a large scale event in collaboration with Founders Forum to bring together leading industry innovators


  • >20 start-up pilots across business units in Year 1
  • Thousands of live and virtual attendees at each event
  • CEO and Board level support for initiatives