We have worked with companies like BP, Halma and Capita to cultivate and aid their intrapreneurs in creating and launching new growth propositions. We also run programmes to find and accelerate existing start-ups that have strategic value for firms including Facebook and ITV.

Our tailor-made programmes are developed and ran based on our clients’ goals, industry context and unique attributes – these might include validating and de-risking early-stage bets that could transform your industry, reaching new demographics with alternative concepts, or strengthening your ecosystem through adding value to key participants.

Our Principles #

Bespoke Programmes

Each programme is designed bespoke to maximise the strategic value

Extraordinary Access

Participants benefit from exclusive sessions with leading founders, VCs and technical experts who help the entrepreneurs to develop rapidly

Expertise and Empowerment

We’re hands-on mentors who have seen what works (and what doesn’t). We both support and push the entrepreneurs to operate at their best

Creative Engagement

We’re entrepreneurs who help participants adopt new mindsets and solve thorny problems quickly, focusing limited resources on what matters at each stage of growth

Our Approach #

  • 1. DESIGN

    Do we have clarity on what we want the programme to achieve and how we can best achieve it?

    Develop the strategic goals of the programme that will leverage their unique assets and design the overall structure to maximise effectiveness.


    Have we identified and selected the best business ideas and entrepreneurial teams for the programme?

    Perform outreach and source credible participants that fit the goals of the programme and meet the participation criteria. Evaluate the applications and facilitate the selection process, often engaging high profile panellists to select the final list of participants.


    How will we provide significant value to the participants to supercharge their businesses?

    Deliver sessions mixing bespoke, individual founder coaching with group sessions for core concept upskilling.


    Are we giving participants very clear expectations of what is needed to succeed at each stage?

    We help our client set ambitious goals for the entrepreneurs and then measure progress towards them, creating focus for the participants and clarity for our client.


    Are we extracting maximum strategic value from the programme?

    Identify and structure clear next steps according to the overall goals of the programme. This may mean spinning out or in the highest potential businesses, making an investment, structuring strategic partnerships with the core or extracting crucial learnings for the business.