We’re delighted to announce that Founders Intelligence has been acquired by Accenture. It’s a huge validation of the power and impact of our Entrepreneur Driven Growth model.

Over the last eight years, we’ve built a phenomenal company doing the most interesting, strategic projects for senior leaders at prominent corporations around the globe. And to deliver it, we’ve created a team of highly entrepreneurial consultants with an extraordinary culture, value system and brand.

Accenture loves the same things that our clients love about us. This means we can invest more in what makes us great:

  1. The super bright, entrepreneurial people we hire
  2. Our culture, bringing a start-up mentality, passion and sense of togetherness to solving your strategic problems
  3. Our deep relationships with start-up founders, VCs and experts

So what’s next?

We’ll be supercharging what we do by tapping into Accenture’s global scale and we’re excited to move deeper into offering the execution and delivery services our clients have been asking for. We’re also thrilled to be keeping relationships with the Founders Forum ecosystem, continuing our exciting client projects, maintaining our unique approach and growing our team (we’re hiring!).

Interested in what this means for our future? We’d love to tell you! Feel free to email any of the team who will happily tell you more about our exciting plans. 🚀